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What Once was In-House is Now Available Online

In the field of editing, a variety of career opportunities exist. Magazines, newspapers, publishing houses, private publishers, search engine marketing companies and private individuals or corporations all require editing services from trained professionals. Opportunities exist for editors in mainstream corporate America and online, as the global marketplace continues to be more accessible to workers through advancements in technology.
The Career Path of a Typical Editor
Editing is designed to create language that flows smoothly as well as for visual layout of printed materials. Most editors possess the skill sets of proper English, causing them to pick up on mistakes in written content. Editors often also have the foresight to rearrange content in such a way to grab the reader, something that many writers struggle with.
Most editors begin as proofreaders or copyeditors, working for major publications or publishing companies. Once an editor has demonstrated their skill set, they are often moved into senior editing positions and then to acquisitions editor and then finally, to publisher. While in house editing positions still exist, many companies are moving to virtual editing positions and to freelance editors instead of staffing individuals full time.
Online Editing- Changing the Industry
As companies continue to turn to content to market their products and services online, the demand for editors who can work online has increased. Search engine marketing companies and other freelance writing companies have solicited the help of editors to review content daily as it is returned from their writing teams. Once the work is edited, it is submitted to clients for their approval. Because this work is often quick and done over the Internet, editors who fulfill these roles can telecommute.
Editors who are searching for online work can bid for editing projects through freelance employment sites, through their local classified ads and through national services such as Craigslist. Because this type of editing work can be performed at home, the possibilities for clients are not limited to a specific geographical area. While traditional editing jobs are salary based or project based, most online editing opportunities are based on the word count of the pieces and are focused on a high daily amount of content editing.

By Adam Herschkowitz
Get Editing Jobs, Contributing Editor

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