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Moving up to Managing Editor: Requirements and Responsibilities

For those in the field of editing, you are fully aware of the demands of the trade. The workload can be overbearing and the deadlines daunting; however, this is what makes a career in editing exciting. If you strive to move up the career ladder and obtain a position as managing editor, there are a few questions that you need to ask yourself before making that leap.
1.      Are you ready for the responsibility?
Because a managing editor is, essentially, the second in command after the Editor in Chief, they will have a substantial amount of responsibility. This includes developing story and visual ideas, overseeing writing and editing submissions, scheduling deadlines and assigning stories to a team of writers and mentoring the writing and editing team so they can personally grow and improve. A managing editor must be organized, motivated and willing to put in the extra effort to ensure the jobs are not only done, but they are done right.
2.      Do you have the experience?
Most editors will need a certain number of years experience before they can even apply for the position. In some companies, this is five years; in others, this can be 10 years or more. It also helps to work for the company you are applying for as you will understand how the publication runs and know the demands of the job.
3.      Do you have the educational requirements? 
Editing managers will need advanced education. This may be a bachelor"s degree in journalism, communications or media. However, many managing editors have their masters or even PhD"s in a related field. The more education you have, the better you will be. In addition, returning to school to obtain the proper education will demonstrate to your employers that you are dedicated and ambitious, two qualities that are highly regarded in any work force.
4.      Do you have the passion for your publication?
Finally, managing editors must have experience and interest in their field of publication. For example, someone applying for managing editor of Oceanus Magazine must have experience in the field of marine science. For someone applying for managing editor of In Fashion, an interest and understanding of the fashion industry is essential.

By Neil Whitehall
Get Editing Jobs, Contributing Editor

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