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What exactly does a career in editing mean?An editor will review the work of a writer by proofreading the content, point out any errors or any corrections that need to be made, and then the editor will go back and edit the work. Editors can be employed for numerous different jobs; editors can edit books, magazines, scripts, newspapers, journals, or any other type of publications. An editor occasionally provides input about titles of publications or suggestions regarding other topics relevant to the publication.
What will the nature of the job be like for you?
The flexibility of an editing career provides many different situations for the nature of the job. The great thing about editing is that you can choose how you wish to work. Some editors work in house at their place of employment, while others are choosing the option of working from the comfort of their own home. In these types of scenarios, the writer will email the content that needs editing to the editor; the editor will then edit the content from the privacy of their home office and send the content back to the writer upon completion. Editing from home is becoming a popular working trend within the career of editing. There are numerous other working options for individuals who decide to obtain a career in the editing field. A career in editing allows you to work in your area of expertise and an area that you enjoy working in.
What will your education earn you?
In most cases, a college degree in journalism, English, or communications is preferred. Taking courses in proofreading and editing will also prove to be helpful when job seeking. Any hands on experience you have under your belt will also prove to be beneficial when seeking employment. Depending on your education, experience, and what type of job you obtain in the editing field, your annual earnings may fluctuate. The median annual earnings of an editor are around $50,000. However, another positive thing about a career in editing is that you can work at your pace. If you work at fast pace that does not compromise quality, you have the potential to make as much money as you want to.

By Chris Navarro
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