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Editors- The Global Marketplace

Editing is a time honoured tradition, stemming back generations. While many of us consider books, magazines or newspapers as the primary content requiring editors, the past 10 years have dramatically changed the industry. With the creation and expansion of the Internet, editing has expanded not only into the online market, but into a global marketplace for employment competition.
The Global Market
Because a great deal of editing work can be performed virtually, almost any qualified editor can complete the required job function. So, editors in the U.S. may be competing against editors in Australia, the UK or in China for editing jobs. While global competition can often be a positive movement for business owners or individual seeking editing work, it can often place a squeeze on individuals who are currently working within the profession. Individuals seeking editing work are finding professionals for more competitive pricing, while editors are forced in many cases to drop their rates. While the best editors can often find employment and projects at any rate, in general, the profession is being challenged on pricing to meet the global marketplace pricing.
Job Skills
Due to the vast difference between online and offline editing styles and requirements, editors are often forced to choose either a specific industry niche, or to increase their overall versatility. To remain competitive, editors should consider learning the key differences in styles for offline and online content, what the various uses for content are and what the price difference offered to editors are. It is typical for an offline editor to earn substantially more money for work edited offline than online.
Editors are still in demand for book projects, magazines, newspapers, a variety of copywriting projects and for online content. Learning the differences between the different markets as well as the required editing styles will ensure that an editor remains competitive in the marketplace.

By Neil Whitehall
Get Editing Jobs, Contributing Editor

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